Smartphone and tablet apps

Simple, low-cost attendance recording with QR codes and more

easyLog offers a range of low-cost apps that turn Android, Apple and Windows-based smartphones and tablets into convenient and reliable attendance recording devices for all kinds of workplaces and staff. Easily downloaded from the online stores or our Android download web page, the apps provide a quick and simple way of recording an employee's attendance time and location. The data is automatically transferred to your easyLog software, ready for viewing and reporting immediately.

Phone and tablet-based attendance recording can be used with all our software and is based on four technologies – geolocation data; QR codes; near-field communication (NFC) with proximity tags; and in-app ID verification, including biometric face recognition. Many of our staff clocking apps can be customised with your own company logo and colour scheme, if required.

Smartphone clocking options

Simple to download and install, our smartphone clocking apps turn employee-owned or company-issued handsets into reliable and accurate attendance recording devices. As contact is limited to each individual phone user, they also help to maintain high levels of hygiene. Our smartphone apps are continually in development – these are some of the options available:

  • Location Clock – The Location Clock app is based on QR codes, which offer a very flexible and virtually cost-free method of recording staff attendance at multiple sites. QR codes are generated from free-to-use websites, printed and then placed at the required location to give it a unique identification. The Location Clock app scans the QR code to identify the site, date and time. It converts this into an instant employee attendance record, which is sent to the e-Log software where it is cross referenced with the location to ensure full compliance. Nothing could be simpler – or more cost-effective. Find out more in our QR code clocking blog.
  • NFC Clock – With NFC Clock, staff simply move their phone close to a proximity tag to record attendance. The NFC tag can be wall-mounted and placed outside and offers a more vandal-resistant option to QR codes.
  • Geo Clock with Photo – This app compares a photo taken of the employee when he or she clocks with facial recognition software. It combines this with geolocation data, so both identity and location are confirmed as well as the time. This app is also available for a tablet and in a manual photo identification version without biometric functionality.

About the technology

Biometric functionality, downloadable in an app to a phone or tablet, is putting unbeatable attendance monitoring within the reach of any organisation’s budget. Our facial and voice recognition clocking apps combine the versatility of smartphones and tablets with an accurate time and date record and foolproof evidence of an employee’s identity – it is impossible for someone to clock in on somebody else’s behalf. Plus it really is as simple as taking a selfie.

QR codes are like barcodes – only smarter. They can be printed from free-to-use websites and placed at any location to provide a unique identifier, which is scanned with a smartphone to clock in or out – and our app does the rest.

Our geolocation apps use GPS satellite positioning and other technologies to let you know quickly and accurately when workers visit a particular location. It is often used in conjunction with QR codes or NFC tags so clockings can always be proved to have been generated where they should have been and at a verifiable time.

Clocking in with the easyLog smartphone app andQR code
Android NFC tags can be used with our attendance apps
Geolocation technology turns phones into reliable attendance recording devices
  • Location Confirm – Staff members choose from a list of sites on a drop-down menu when they arrive and depart and the software compares the clocking with geolocation data to confirm it. A simple and effective clocking app for a wide variety of locations.
  • Multi Clock-In – One of our few apps not based on geolocation technology, Multi Clock-In uses a manual tick-box feature to allow a site supervisor to count multiple staff in and out. This straightforward option is also available for tablets.

No signal or data credit? No problem

If there is no network signal, easyLog’s apps still allow employees to record attendance on their phones. The data is simply stored and transferred, along with the clocking times, when the next clocking is made or the app is opened within range of a broadband connection. Our apps also include a number of in-built features, such as cross referencing with the time on the phone and identification of the phone being used, that prevent clocking fraud.

Turning a tablet into a clocking device

Our easy-to-use attendance recording apps work on Android and Apple, turning them into multi-function clocking terminals. Most suitable for staff working in a fixed location, they offer a flexible and cost-effective attendance management option for employers of all sizes.

  • Face Log – Face Log is a fixed clocking option that supports facial recognition using a photo taken with the tablet’s in-built front camera. Clockings are not accepted if there is no match and are backed up by geolocation data, ensuring an extremely reliable attendance record. Face Log also offers voice recognition, speech activation and manual photo identification, if required. This option requires a reliable internet connection as it is always online. Read more about facial recognition...
  • Geo Clock with Photo – This fast and convenient app compares a photo of the employee taken with the tablet with facial recognition software. It combines this with geolocation data, providing a record of identity, time and location. Clockings are always accepted, even if the device is offline, and a record is kept of whether the employee passed or failed the identification. This app is also available for smartphones and in a manual photo identification version without biometric functionality. It is ideal for recording staff attendance securely in changeable locations.
  • Visitor Clock-In – This two-for-one tablet app enables both employees and visitors to record their attendance by presenting a tab for each. Employees select their name from a dropdown list and are asked to enter a PIN as confirmation. They then indicate whether they are starting or leaving work. Similarly, visitors select from a list of names previously entered in the software. The app confirms the name, date and time of attendance. Find out more about the Visitor Clock-In app in our blog.
  • Clock With ID and Clock With PIN – Employees simply open the app and either select their name from a drop-down list or enter an individual code. Name selection can be combined with a PIN, password or photo for additional security.
  • Multi Clock-In – Like the smartphone version, Multi Clock-In uses a simple tick-box feature that enables a supervisor to count multiple staff in or out in one pass.
  • Clock By Area – Clock by Area allows the app to be set with only employees in certain work groups. It is ideal for businesses with several geographical locations, where only names from selected locations will appear in the clocking dropdown. A PIN is required to confirm the clocking.

An app  to suit your way of working

easyLog has a growing range of smartphone and tablet apps, ranging from simple attendance recording to confirming night or similar checks have been performed. Our rota management app now allows employees to message their manager, request holiday and accept available shifts, for example. easyLog has worked with many clients to customise its apps to deliver the exact attendance or other staffing information required by each organisation. If you need help choosing the most appropriate attendance recording option or app for your way of working, just give us a call on 01892 834406.


At a glance…

  • Apps work on Apple, Android and Windows devices

  • Simple download and set up with no IT knowledge required

  • Wide range of apps provide simple time recording through to timesheet and rota management

  • Built-in security functionality means that employees cannot falsify attendance records