Affordable job recording with QR codes

Fuss-free software for monitoring and timing business processes

When you want an accurate method of recording time spent on a particular manufacturing process or any other procedure that is used to calculate costs, the chances are you just want a straightforward solution that does the job – nothing more, nothing less.

That is why easyLog has developed a very simple solution for recording hours worked on any production or service-based function, from cleaning a specific area to operating a machine on a production line.

QR codes make identification easy

The key to the system is a straightforward app that enables employees to record their attendance at a specific location quickly and easily, along with any other information to identify, analyse and report on the work undertaken.

When installed on an employee’s smartphone, the app can automatically identify the person and be used to scan a QR code to recognise the work area – such as a cleaning or construction site. Alternatively, an app can be installed on a tablet and set up to record a process automatically when a worker scans his or her individual QR code badge, for example at a machine within a factory.

A cleaner working in an office

Reports and options designed to make your working life easier

Our software includes a report function that can be configured by employee, client, location, task or any other criteria you choose. All our apps can be adapted to suit individual requirements, often without the need for bespoke development – all you have to do is ask. Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

The apps can also be used to provide a reliable system for clocking employees in and out, ensuring an accurate and dependable record for timesheets.

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The QR job recording app is ideal for a factory production line

A few ways the system is being used

Factory production line – Machinery and other production areas are provided with wall-mounted tablets. Workers scan the QR code on their ID badge to identify themselves and then select from a dropdown list which process they are about to start.

Livery yard – QR codes are placed in each stable and scanned by employees using their smartphone when they enter and leave to record that each stable has been mucked out and how long it took.

Serviced office building – Employees use an app on their smartphone to scan a QR code in every room on arrival and exit to identify that each company’s area and shared facilities, such as toilets, have been cleaned.

At a glance…

  • easyLog apps enable a device to automatically identify the person or the work process

  • Dropdown lists can be defined to allow the user to enter required information, for example processes such as packing, gluing, QA and so on

  • Apps can be modified to suit a specific requirement, often without bespoke development

  • Our apps can provide employees with useful information, such as their timesheet and a comments box

  • Collected data is automatically passed into easyLog’s web-based browser software for instant reporting and analysis