Biometric apps and terminals

Reliable and versatile clocking devices that can’t be fooled

Biometric functionality is putting unbeatable attendance monitoring within the reach of any organisation’s budget. Our range of face, voice and fingerprint recognition apps and terminals combine an accurate time and date record with foolproof evidence of a worker’s identity – it is impossible for someone to clock in on somebody else’s behalf.

  • See exactly who is attending each location – and when
  • A reliable attendance record for clients or inspecting authorities
  • No cards, tags or fobs to buy, get damaged or lost
  • Appropriately priced for industries with tight profit margins
  • Options for all workers and locations – even remote sites

Biometric clocking on tablets and smartphones

easyLog’s biometric clocking apps turn Android, Apple and Windows-based tablets and phones into convenient and dependable attendance recording devices. Easily downloaded from the online stores, these apps provide an instant record of an employee's identity, attendance time and location, along with other built-in features that prevent clocking fraud.

Our facial recognition apps come in two versions:

  • Full facial recognition, where biometric software automatically compares a photo taken during a clocking with a stored image and returns the result in the attendance record
  • Image capture, where a photo of an employee is taken at a clocking and stored on a cloud server for manual checking, either at the time or later

Both options are backed up by geolocation data for ultimate peace of mind. Read more about facial recognition in our blog or watch the video on our facial recognition apps.

We also offer apps supporting voice recognition and speech activation. All our staff clocking apps can be customised with your own company logo and colour scheme, if required. Click here for an at-a-glance guide to our full attendance app range.

Face, fingerprint or both – in one multipurpose terminal

The highly versatile uFace multi clocking terminal offers a choice of facial or fingerprint recognition – or both. It can also be used with radio-frequency identification (RFID) fobs or cards if that suits your workers best. The uFace terminal is available in both cabled and wireless versions.

Need help choosing?

Our biometric clocking apps and terminals can be mixed and matched with all our timesheet and rota management software. If you need help choosing the most appropriate technology, just call us on 01892 834406.