Low-cost smartphone and tablet apps for use with QR codes, NFC tags, geolocation technology and identity verification systems.



Biometric and i-Button terminals including fingerprint readers, facial recognition and SIM-based devices.


night checks

Our NFC-enabled handheld is a reliable way of recording night checks and other visit-related data.



A simple, low-cost method of verifying employee site visits based on an 0800 freephone telephone number.


Reliable staff attendance recording. For every location and budget.

Whether you want to keep track of staff making off-site visits or accurately monitor the time keeping of employees working on your premises, we have a simple and reliable attendance recording option for the job. Our range of clocking devices includes solutions for every location, workforce and budget and takes full advantage of the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money.

Options range from traditional card and fob terminals and a simple landline phone-based system to specially-designed mobile apps

using QR codes, NFC and geolocation technology and biometric devices that can confirm an employee’s identity along with the date and time. All our attendance recording devices can be mixed and matched with any of our timesheet and scheduling management software. We can also supply just the clocking devices if that is all you require.

Use the links on this page to find out more about the different staff clocking options – or call us on 01892 834406 to discuss the best solution for your particular business with one of our team.