QR code and tag clocking apps

Reliable, low-cost attendance recording for tablets and smartphones

easyLog offers a range of low-cost clocking apps that turn smartphones and tablets into convenient and reliable attendance recording devices.

  • The apps provide a quick, simple and secure way of recording an employee's attendance time and location
  • They are suitable for Android, Apple and Windows devices and are easily downloaded from the online stores
  • Clocking data is automatically transferred to your easyLog software, ready for viewing and reporting immediately
  • If there is no network signal, attendance data is stored and transferred when the next clocking is made
  • The apps can be used with employee-owned or company-issued handsets and, because contact is limited to each user, maintain high levels of hygiene

Technology that can’t be fooled

Our apps use GPS satellite positioning and other in-built features, such as cross referencing with the time and the phone being used, that prevent clocking fraud. So you can be sure clockings are made where they should have been and at a verifiable time.

QR code clocking: low-cost and versatile

QR codes are like barcodes – only smarter. They can be printed from free-to-use websites to provide a unique identifier, which is scanned with a smartphone or tablet to clock in or out – and our app does the rest.

Location Clock – This QR code-based clocking app provides a highly flexible and reliable method of recording staff attendance at multiple sites. When employees use the app to scan a QR code, the site, date and time of the clocking is cross referenced with location data to ensure full compliance. Nothing could be simpler – or more cost-effective.

eLogESCAR – This web-based attendance solution allows sub-contractors and short-term or agency staff to clock in and out quickly without downloading an app. Workers simply open a web page by scanning a QR code with their phone, fill in their details and tap the clock in or out button. And the easyLog software does the rest. Read more about clocking for sub-contractors.

QR Booking – With our QR Booking app, workers simply scan a QR code with a smartphone or tablet to identify a job against which time is being booked. Read more about job recording with a QR app.

Recording attendance with NFC tags

NFC Clock – With this app, staff simply move their phone or tablet close to a proximity tag to record attendance. The NFC tag can be wall-mounted and placed outside and offers a more vandal-resistant option to QR codes.

NFC tag used for recording attendance with an app"
NFC tag used for recording attendance with an app"

Be sure that night checks are being done

easyLog’s QR and NFC apps are ideal for recording night time visits and checks in a variety of locations. We recommend the NFC option for care homes and other places where checks need to be unobtrusive and our Location Clock QR code app for security guards, construction workers, cleaners and other unsupervised employees. Read more about these apps on our Night checks page.

Need to set up job locations quickly? No problem

Location Confirm – This app is an alternative to QR clocking for organisations that need to record workers’ site visits at short notice. Staff members choose from a list of locations on a drop-down menu when they arrive and depart and the software compares the clocking with geolocation data to confirm it. A simple and effective clocking app for smartphone and tablet.

An app to suit your way of working

easyLog has worked with many clients to customise its apps to suit their way of working. If you need help choosing the most appropriate attendance recording option, give us a call on 01892 834406. Click here for an at-a-glance guide to our full attendance app range.