Night check apps

The simple and secure option for monitoring night time visits

Having a reliable record of overnight checks is vital for a wide range of businesses – from residential care providers to security consultants. An easyLog smartphone or tablet app is a low-cost and reliable solution for recording night visits using an employee’s own smartphone or a company tablet.

Free-to-download QR codes or NFC tags are placed at each location to be visited as an identifier. Workers simply scan the QR code or tag with their smartphone or a tablet at each point in their rounds to record their attendance. Clockings are returned to your easyLog software automatically, providing an accurate, fraud-proof record of attendance.

QR code or NFC?

We recommend the NFC option for care homes and other places where checks need to be unobtrusive, while ouir Location Clock QR code app is ideal for security guards, construction workers, cleaners and many other unsupervised employees.

More than just confirmation that night checks are being done

The easyLog software produces summary and detailed reports for each employee, location or multiple points within a site, so you have firm evidence of the time and duration of each visit.

And if you need more than just simple attendance data, our night checks apps can be used to record additional details about each visit, such as actions taken and required follow-up activities.