Freephone 0800 visit recording

The low-cost, telephone-based attendance logging service

easyLog's 0800 freephone clocking option is a reliable, value-for-money call-logging service for staff that visit outside locations. It provides instant verification that a visit has taken place and enables managers to deal with non-attendance quickly. The service is suitable for a wide variety of employers, from community care providers to cleaning contractors and facilities management companies.

How it works

Whenever employees arrive at or leave a work destination they ring an 0800 freephone number using a landline telephone. When the call is answered, they are prompted to enter their employee ID and then to state whether they are arriving or leaving by entering a simple, single digit code. The telephone calls are logged with the date and time and the number where they originated. This information is returned to you automatically on-line.

If a blocked landline number is used to make a call, the system asks the caller to input a client ID code so the location can be logged. As part of the service, easyLog provides a browser-based software application in which you enter the telephone number and name of the client so calls can be easily identified.

The 0800 visit logging service can be used on its own to provide an instant timesheet management service or visit records can be transferred to one of our staff scheduling software applications.