Case study: Brogan Group

Meeting the needs of a larger employer with customised attendance apps

The project

When international construction company Brogan Group wanted a simple, flexible and reliable clocking system for 200-plus UK employees, they chose easyLog to deliver it. Read the full case study...

The result

We tailored two of our products, the Location Confirm smartphone app and the Geo Clock With Photo facial recognition app for tablets, to meet their requirements exactly. Read the full case study...

Any idea we came up with, easyLog managed to make it a reality. They changed the way the reports are laid out, so it’s less time consuming and works better for us. We wanted extra security on the app so phones could not be swapped around and people couldn’t clock in from home. Again, they put that on the app where other companies could not offer it. I would definitely recommend them, because every business is different and it’s important to get everything how you want it.